Degree Programs

Vision & Mission

The Department of Education (DoE) was established in 2011 with the purpose of improving quality of teachers' education programs and trainings for building teachers' capacity and enhancing their professional status. The overall aim is to raise the standards of education and education related research at regional and national level.


  • Develop innovative & effective educational models of school improvement, educational leadership and management, curriculum design & assessment and test them in Pakistani educational contexts and classroom settings to know their maximum benefits.

  • Build the capacity of schools/educational institutions through relevant and quality programs for effective implementation of educational reforms in order to achieve the maximum benefit for all stakeholders.

  • Enhance teachers' and teacher educators' professional attitude, status and self-esteem through creating a sense of professionalism, knowledge, competencies, skills, critical thinking, scientific behavior and decision making power.

  • Assess the impact of all efforts, research results, different techniques, policies implementation and other initiatives to improve the quality of education and finally develop a road map for radical reforms and successful innovations to scale up the education system of Pakistan.

B.Ed Program

Teachers who embark on four-year Bachelor of Education Honors (B.Ed. [Hons]) program will learn new approaches to effective teaching and learning for 21st century classrooms. Pakistan has a set of 10 National Professional Standards for Teachers. This degree program will help prospective teachers achieve the highest quality of teaching as described by these standards.

Moving away from teacher-centered lectures, the new standards promote student-centered teaching in Pakistani classrooms. Teachers will learn how to foster learner-centered, active learning - where teachers facilitate students in discussion and other interactive activities that make learning more engaging and meaningful. Student teachers in the new degree programs will acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to help children be successful learners of present era.

Eligibility Criteria B.Ed (4 years)

  • FA/ FSc/ A Level/ HSc or equivalent with minimum 2nd Division.
  • FA/FSc/A Level/HSc with School subjects / C.T/ PTC (12 years of Education) with minimum 50%.
  • Test Results
  • Duration: 4 Years (8 Semesters)

  • Semester Duration:16-18

  • Semesters: 8

  • Course Load per Semester: 18 Credit Hours
  • Number of Courses per Semester: 6

Eligibility Criteria B.Ed (2.5 year) extension

  • ADE with minimum 2nd Division, Or Two or four year BSc/B.Com with minimum 50% 2nd Division
  • Test Results
  • Duration: 2.5 Years (5 Semesters)

  • Semester Duration:16-18

  • Semesters: 5

  • Course Load per Semester: 18 Credit Hours
  • Number of Courses per Semester: 6

M.Phill Program

The MPhil Education program has a strong emphasis in research. It is grounded in both theoretical and applied research. The program is grounded in the ideological, philosophical, historical, psychological, social foundations and pragmatics of the field of education; and particularly focuses on curriculum development and evaluation, policy analysis and development, teacher leadership, approaches to designing teaching, learning and assessments systems. The program also introduces the participants to the contemporary trends and issues in curriculum, teaching, learning, assessments, teacher preparation, leadership and management and research.

The current program includes specializations in five strategic areas; Teacher education; leadership and management; Science Education; Mathematics Education and English language Education.

The overall mission of the program is to develop educational leaders, policy planners, practitioners, implementers and reformers with a sound theoretical, contextual, contemporary, analytical and pragmatic knowledge and vision of education, with a global outlook, innovative yet contextually relevant skill and ethical values along with a capacity of leading and managing, designing and changing systems, undertaking and disseminating theoretical and applied research. The program also prepares the participants for undertaking doctoral studies in the field of education.

  • Faculty with international qualifications and local experiences.
  • Faculty with rich experience of working in multiple contexts, projects, and international education systems.
  • Conducive physical environment of the classroom and availability of educational technology.
  • Blended approach of program deliver: face-to-face and independent learning supported with Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Linkages with community through Sukkur IBA community colleges.
  • High emphasis on generating, documenting, and disseminating practical as well as research knowledge.
  • Contextually relevant, accessible, flexible, and affordable cost for teachers, teacher educators, educational professionals, and fresh students